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Scranton Family Business & Corporate Divorce Lawyer

Helping Small Businesses Restructure

Small, often family-owned businesses can become intransigent when conflicts between partners, business owners and even spouses or family members interfere with operations. Whether you and your partners share a different vision for the future of your company, or other actions have fostered a hostile environment, it may sometimes be necessary to divorce yourself or your company from partners.

This can be a complex process with financial and legal ramifications that demand the attention of a capable attorney. In Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as in other states, our lawyers at Wright & Reihner P.C. serve the needs of corporate clients in a comprehensive range of legal actions, litigation and conflict.

When Unplanned Conflict Threatens Your Business

Most often, when people go into business together, just as when they get married or enter into any long-term agreement, they don't expect or properly plan for how that relationship may end. This becomes particularly problematic when that end is acrimonious, and inevitably many business partnerships will end badly.

Our attorneys will help you defend your rights in corporate divorce and address issues that include:

  • Division of corporate assets and property
  • Shareholder oppression
  • Theft, fraud or misrepresentation
  • Corporate dissolution
  • Protection of trade secrets

Corporate divorce, partnership disputes and dissolution can be as emotionally charged as the toughest family law case. It is important to work with a legal professional who can objectively approach your case and offer proven counsel based on decades of commercial litigation and business law experience.

We have provided guidance for companies of all sizes, from large publicly traded multinational corporations to local family businesses. We create tailored legal solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, shareholders and owners.

Rely on Wright & Reihner P.C. for Experienced Representation

To find out more about our business law and corporate divorce practice, call our Scranton office today at 570-961-1166 or reach us online. Our attorneys will review your case to find out if our skill sets and experience are right for your needs.

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