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Pennsylvania Casino Gaming Law Lawyer

Helping Individuals and Organizations in the Gaming Industry

Casino-gaming law affects tens of thousands of people across northeastern Pennsylvania, whether you own a gaming establishment or you are working the tables in the Poconos. As one of the most highly regulated industries in the state, providers, owners and employees must submit to constant regulatory processes that often demand the assistance, guidance or counsel of a skilled attorney.

At the office of Wright & Reihner P.C., our lawyers represent individuals in casino-gaming law matters in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and throughout Pennsylvania. We are an experienced firm with a proven record of providing dependable guidance for people at all levels. We have represented one of Pennsylvania's casinos throughout the application process, and we continue to represent individuals and vendors in licensing issues.

Representation That Understands Casino-Gaming Law

Working with a variety of state and local agencies, our team of legal professionals has built a foundation of knowledge and proven success that enables companies, vendors and individuals to function efficiently in the gaming industry. We have the faculties and resources to represent:

  • Corporations seeking Category 1 or 2 licenses
  • Casino owners and management
  • Licensing and Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board disputes
  • Gaming and casino vendors
  • Employees and individuals seeking licenses

Pennsylvania's gaming industry continues to grow even in challenging economic times, providing the state, businesses and individuals with a reliable revenue stream. Fueling tourism and job growth in the state, the need for dependable legal representation experienced in casino-gaming law is outstripping the volume of service available.

Whether you represent a multimillion dollar organization or you simply need guidance through the licensing process for a gaming profession, our office can help you meet your goals.

Handling Gaming Licenses, Regulation and Disputes

Find out more about our previous experience in casino-gaming law and how we are equipped to help you or your organization succeed. Call our Scranton office at 570-961-1166 or reach us online today to set up an initial consultation.

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